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About the Chapter

The Viola da Gamba Society-Pacifica, a chapter of the Viola da Gamba Society of America, is an association of viol enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy playing chamber music of the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries (as well as some contemporary music) from England, France, Italy and Germany on treble, tenor and bass viols. Members include novice to advanced players, instrument makers, teachers and performers.

Membership Activities/Benefits

  • Monthly Saturday meetings for playing in ensembles with players of similar ability and coached by leading professional players.
  • Monthly Gamba News newsletter, September through June.
  • Viol rental program. For information on currently available instruments and rates, contact Lynn Lipetzky.
  • Referrals to local viol teachers.
  • Cost of a normal membership is $40 per year, a student membership is $15 per year, and a household membership is $50 per year, all of which includes attendance at the monthly consort meetings and the chapter's email announcements and monthly newsletter. A $15 non-playing membership includes the email announcements and monthly newsletter only.
  • To join or for more information, please fill out the membership form or email the Chapter.

Chapter Monthly Meetings, 2014-2015

September 13Shira KammenCompositions based on the gorgeous chant melody 'Ave Maris Stella', including music of Josquin des Pres, Monteverdi, Dufay & Victoria.
October 11Hallifax and JeffreyJulie (assisted by Peter) will lead a workout focusing on tidying up those pesky dotted-rhythm passages that sometimes pop up in consort music. The session will include some technical troubleshooting, exercises and some work on the attached excerpt from William Young's Fantasia a3 no. 8.
November 8Roy WheldenRoy Whelden plans to explore several late Bach canons, specifically the recently (1977) discovered Verschiedene Canons from the Goldberg Variations. These are ecstatic and complex contrapuntal creations almost unequaled in the literature. Unspecified in instrumentation, they work well indeed on viols.
December 13David MorrisDavid Morris will work with us on a pair of Chaconnes, one in five parts by Lully, and one four parts by Purcell. We'll get a crash-course in French style for the Lully, and then see just how much of that might apply to Purcell's compositions. 1st treble parts go up to high c, and David will play along with the brave souls who want a challenge at the high-end!
January 10Elisabeth ReedA Musical Banquet: An exploration of the Johann Hermann Schein's only collection of instrumental music, the Banchetto musical, 1617. This collection contains twenty separate variation suites, which are among the earliest and finest examples of this type of form. There will be a Feldenkrais appetizer preceding this smorgasbord of dance movements.
February 21Stanford Workshop directed by John Dornenburg, with Julie Jeffrey, Adaiha MacAdam-Somer, and Lynn Tetenbaum.
March 14Tobi Szuts and Brady LanierTwo lamentations: one of crecquillon and one of tallis, focusing on how to interpret the music in a choral way, and a couple unique ways to phrase this kind of texted music.
April 11Marie SzutsLasso's La nuict froide et sombre and Bonjour, mon coeur are delightful when sung, but also exquisite when played instrumentally. We'll work on good ensemble technique and breathing together as a group.
May 9Frances Blaker.
June 6Pacifica Chapter Concert for Friends/Family Note change of date!

Chapter Monthly Meetings, 2013-2014

Chapter Officers and Board Members, 2014-2015 Season

PresidentDalton Cantey
Vice PresidentRicardo Hofer
Co-SecretaryCarolyn Butler
Co-SecretaryBetsy St. Aubin
TreasurerEllen Fisher
Rental CoordinatorLynn Lipetzky
VdGSA Chapter RepresentativeLee McRae
Coaching Liaison & WebmasterAlexandra Saur
Member at LargePeter Ballinger
Member at LargePeter Brodigan
Member at LargeMelita Denny
Member at LargeJohn Dornenburg
Member at LargeRobin Easterbrook
Member at LargeMary Elliott
Member at LargeStuart Elliott
Member at LargeEllen Farwell
Member at LargeJulie Jeffrey
Member at LargeLynn Lipetzky
Member at LargeJulie Morrisett
Member at LargeElisabeth Reed
Member at LargeRoy Whelden

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